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Operation Aumoe Chapter 2

Operation Aumoe (Midnight)

Chapter 2

DISCLAIMER: Still don’t own anything, sorry.


                “Thanks for being so helpful.” She muttered to Koa who just stared at her with big brown eyes, pink tongue lolling from his mouth.

                “Put on the restraints.” Steve yelled to her over top of the noise of the helicopter.

                Frozen in place more due to the fact that Koa was sitting on top of her than that she was in shock or afraid she could not comply.

                Realizing this obvious fact Steve grabbed Koa from her arms, “If you don’t buckle up you don’t get the damn dog back.”

                Almost as if to prove that this Steve was no real threat to him Koa turned his head slightly and swiped Steve’s face with his tongue.

                As Kono finally strapped herself into the seat she turned to see her neighbour next to her sitting appearing distressed and apologetic that they had taken her, “I’m so sorry.”

                Immediately after she finished Koa was dumped back onto her lap. She noticed that Steve then crouched low to the floor and grabbed a pair of what appeared to be headphones and put them on thinking that they probably let him hear and be heard over the noise of the helicopter.

                As she felt the helicopter leave the ground all she could think was where were they going and how was she going to make her escape. She wasn’t sure how far they were going to be going, they could go a few miles inland into the tick foliage of the jungle, or they could end up on another island completely.

Looking towards Steve she could see his mouth moving thinking perhaps he was they would be landing soon, making a decision for her escape she watched the man across from her carefully.



                “Can we make it to refuel?” Steve asked his teammate Adam over the head set.

                “We should have just enough to get us there with the extra weight.” Came the reply

                Steve Cringed thinking about it he wished that he didn’t have to bring the damn dog and his feisty owner, but things were better off if they didn’t leave any witnesses behind, the added weight between the two extra passengers was one problem though he wished he didn’t have to deal with. Looking over at his new companions he met her eyes he knew she had been watching him for some time now and he was fairly certain he could see her plotting her and her dogs escape.

                He knew they were almost at the small airport where they would have to stop to refuel, Adam had said that even with the extra weight they were going to make it there, however he wasn’t sure if once they left the small airport where they had paid for utmost discretion, if they had enough fuel to get to the safe house.

                As they finally touched down at the air strip He noticed her looking towards the door.

                “Don’t even think about it.”

                “I have to use the bathroom.”

                “If your dog can hold it so can you”

                “He’s a dog I’m not”

                “Too bad.”

Ten minutes later Adam started the helicopter again he knew that they had to fly for another fifteen minutes where they would touch down at their final destination for the next few days, after which they could move Tony again to a safer location.



Damn him! Foiling her escape attempt earlier, if only he had let her out then she and Koa could have escaped and alerted the authorities of the kidnapping. Now here she was stuck with them, unsure of her fate, after all what did they want with her little old neighbour?

Operation Aumoe Chapter 1

Operation Aumoe

Chapter 1

 DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hawaii Five-0, nor do I own Operation midnight nor any Harlequin materials.

 She ran through the thick foliage of the jungle after her dog Kono could tell that this was a bad idea, if only Koa would understand the same thing.

“Damn it Koa” she mumbled as one particularly large leaf smacked her in the face her knee throbbing dully from the effort.

Most of the time Koa was too smart for his own good having shown up on her doorstep roughly two months earlier, just after she blew out her knee in a surfing accident and decided to move inland to dull the pain at her lost career, he had far surpassed most dogs with his knowledge and often times ability to communicate with his will alone. However he was still just a dog at heart, when the large black helicopter had flown over earlier Koa had decided to give chase causing her to follow.

“Koa get back here!”

Still giving chase turning on to one of the many trails she recognized heading towards her reclusive neighbors property, she had seen him once while out walking the dog and that was once more than most other people in the area. Most suspected that he was some sort of cloistered widower, she believed he just liked to be alone.

Finally catching up with Koa at the edge of the clearing where the house lay she grabbed his collar.

“Koa what has gotten into you.” She said quietly.

Koa huffed quietly in response nudging his head towards her neighbours house.

Turning a little to look she noticed the black helicopter sitting i the dark night in the yard. When it had first flown overhead at eleven o’clock she had thought little of it other than that Koa had decided to run after it, after all she did live in Hawaii there were many black helicopters both military and civilian flying around.

However seeing it in her neighbour’s yard with two large men dressed in dark clothing and leather jackets made her slightly suspicious having known that her neighbour had never had any visitors. Soon he suspicions were confirmed catching the glint of a hand gun holstered on one man’s hip.

A shiver went up Kono’s spine wondering who these people were and what they wanted with the gentle old man who lived in the house. Knowing that Hawaii was a major military post made her think maybe they were military, but the way they were dressed made her think not, that led her to only one conclusion, kidnappers.


She knew she had to turn around and head back to her house and call the police not that they would be able to do much at that time but at least they would have some idea that a crime had been committed.

Suddenly Koa gave a small whine just as she noticed movement on the lanai. A third man leaving the house with her neighbour beside him,  he was tall, with dark hair and even from this distance she could see he was well built and had an angular jaw, if she wasn’t so sure he was a criminal, she would have totally gone for him.

Suddenly Koa took off like a shot straight up the lanai towards the man he took notice immediately drawing his gun and pointing it directly at Koa. Her heart stopped he couldn’t shoot Koa he was never a vicious dog. She had to get to him before he got shot.

Sprinting forward she called to him “Koa!”

He completely ignored her, intent on the man before him. While the man turned to aim his gun at her. She forged on not letting him intimidate her obviously he didn’t consider her much of a threat, considering that Koa had to be far more of a threat than her, if you didn’t know her.

What she was not expecting was what happened when Koa reached the man, she certainly wasn’t expecting him to attack the man though she was not expecting him to sit calmly at his feet either turning his head to look expectantly at her as if he had found the prize at the bottom of a box of cereal.

“I’m sorry he doesn’t usually charge people, he’s usually more timid with strangers.” Finally catching up to Koa she grabbed his collar.

The man back lit on the lanai seemed even taller as though a giant trying to intimidate her, but she also noticed his blue eyes starling and sharp almost able to cut through a person. He uttered a quiet curse as he looked at the two of them.

Trying to drag Koa away from the man back to the jungle back to where it was safe she was startled when the door of the helicopter opened and a fourth man yelled “Time, Steve.”

“I know” was all that was yelled in return.

Kono paid only a small bit of attention to the conversation more concerned with getting her and Koa out of there.  Normally she could lift Koa if she had to, but with him resisting she was having a hell of a time trying to drag Koa away for m his new friend, Steve she realized that was his name. Trying a different tactic she started walking away from him, normally he would follow disliking when she was too far away from him, but he still didn’t follow, instead she found the man called Steve standing in front of her.

“I’m sorry” he said

Then he started to quickly run his hands over her body as if checking for weapons, shocked she only managed to elbow him once. Just as suddenly as he had appeared in front of her he swiftly picked her up, she kicked and punched and barely managed to land one hit when she was thrown into the helicopter. She struggled for a minute then attempted to crawl out the door Steve pushed he back inside she then tried to sidestep him he just pushed he down into one of the seats while Koa whined on the ground below, when she attempted to get up once more he lifted Koa as if he weighed nothing and dumped him on her lap then jumped inside himself.

As she clung to Koa she could only think of one thing, they were being kidnapped.

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I own none of the Smallville characters.

                Oliver was confused Chloe had never mentioned a sister and quite frankly neither had Lois or Clark.

                “Chloe as far as I know you don’t have a sister.”

                “Yes I did. Apparently it was before my parents were married and they gave her up for adoption. They never told me, if fact if it weren’t for looking into information on 33.1 labs I never would have known at all.”

                Oliver just held her tighter wanting to take away her pain again.

                “So Lex has ruined you life yet again, you never even got a chance to meet the sister you never knew you had?”

                “Actually no, she was being investigated as a possible meta-human to be experimented on in the 33.1 labs but she actually wasn’t in one and I don’t think that she was actually killed by Lex or any of his goons.”

                “Then we’ll figure out what happened to her. Give her the justice she deserves. After all she would have been kind of like family. Now come on I’ll make you dinner.”

                “I’m not hungry Oliver.”


                “I’m so cold; please I need to be warmed.”



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